Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Your house is an asset

Well, techincally, it is, but not to you. If you are like the majority of americans, then you pay a morgage to the bank. Since you pay interest to the bank, it is an investment for the bank. To you, your house is a liability.
You have bills to pay for your house which takes money out of your pocket. Let me tell you exactle what these terms mean:
If you lose your job, assets will feed you, and liabilities will eat you.
Assets put money into your pocket, and liabilities take it out.
So your banker isn't lying when he/she says your house is an asset, they just forgot to mention who's asset it is.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Question of the week

If you were an animal, why would you be that animal? (DO NOT POST WHAT ANIMAL IT IS)

Leave your creative or interesting replies in the comments section below.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Apple has a lot of money. They can make a lot more. They use publishers to make them money. The publishers make money. The users have "an app for that". All of these are related. Many app developers make a quick buck, but some of those who don't make a lot more. This is a LOT like investing. It is quite easy to make a quick buck, or lose a quick buck. Making it big takes long term investments. For these it is good to read and keep up with macroeconomic events. I will later post on research and money, but i believe I owe you a STORYTIME!!!

Recently I have been crunching the numbers and making an iPhone app. It is called pex. You play as a robot who got lost from his mini lair. He has to navigate through bright nature, scary castles, and finally (if you play well) get back to your home. It will sell for $0.99 and will hopefully be released on Christmas day. You can buy the app if you like that sort of game (2-d platformer) then it might be the app for you. Also about 60 of the cents will go towards me, so if you don't like the concept of donating, just know that 60 cents go to me (Darn you apple!). Thank You!

Happy Business!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Commodities. They are the stocks of agriculture. People from around trade various agricultural items, but for every winner, there is a loser. Some traders are brokers. They take in trades from other people and get a commission. Also, there are speculators. They use their own money and trade without a broker. I just thought that I would share that before.......STORYTIME!!!

I have recently seen a few documentaries on commodities trading, and what I conclude is that it is almost as risky as options trading. No dividends are paid. No extra money is paid. I recommend that you stay away from this.

Happy business!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Snack That Cashes Back

We've all heard of goldfish, those little crunchy, cheesy, delicious crackers. They taste great, so their base company has to do very little advertising to make them good. Profits are low but buying is high, so everyone wins! This is the kind of company I think everyone should strive to create. The reason that they make so much money, is repeat customers.

School lunch, it's a great place to socialize with your friends, but to the parent, all it is is the consuming of packed food. If a snack like goldfish comes along, it will be popular with the parents, who buy the snacks.

Story time!!!

So, For the past week, I have been on a huge leaf raking job, and in reality, it being huge is a good thing. Since I get paid the same $/hour, it saves me time knocking on doors and putting up fliers. I offer low prices, and to the right customers. The people that I raked for at shelter alternatives have several properties, which I can hope to rake as well. Good customer service can lead to good word going about for your job, and you'll soon find your self with a business.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Question of the Week

For the question of the week, I am going to ask a question, and I want you to answer in the comments. The entire point of this is to get your creative juices flowing, and maybe, you'll get a new business idea!
Okay, what would you spend $200 on to make more money?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Behind The Scenes of Black Friday

Everyone knows about black friday, you are supposed to get in huge crowds to get huge discounts on name brands, but the truth behind black friday, is hard to believe. Black friday is a day when most retailers discount their prices a huge amount. This makes the competition the same but it still brings a lot more people to shop. It, in total, makes everyone some money. This is because the profit percentage is lower, but the fixed amount is higher. Black friday isn't all about you, and sometimes you have to put yourself in the retailer's shoes.

Happy Business!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Anyone Can!

Some people are discouraged, or uneasy when it comes to money. May I assure you it isn't that hard. All that you really need to start a very small business (which may grow into a very large business) is to find a problem in your community, and fix it, but somewhere in the middle you may need to charge people which is why I put together a top ten list of easy, fast, earn-money-with-commitment ideas:
  1. Rake leaves
  2. Shovel Snow
  3. Bake Sale - Caution in cooking
  4. Beverage Stand
  5. Garage Sale
  6. Garden work
  7. Pet sitting - This one is better in a bigger neighborhood
  8. Recycling! - Scrap metal doesn't go for a lot, but if you have a stockpile of soda cans, it's worth a try
  9. Artwork
  10. Buy lots, sell little - For example, buy a bunch of candy and sell it in smaller amounts for a profit

Before you start it is important to notice the order that I put them in, that is for a reason so you try the best, first. Until next time, your peer's money is as good as yours.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Marketing is one of the most important factors in making money. You have to make yourself known to the world. The best way (in my opinion) is to put up flyers with websites on them. The flyers are good to catch a person's eye and get them interested. The website is good so your immediate consumers can send it to their friends with a marketer's best friend- facebook.

As for the story portion of this article, it is a story in progress. I bought some cheap golf clubs (I made them cheap by persuading the seller) and now they are on craigslist. You can check them out in the link at the bottom of the article. People who comment on this post get a $10 discount so if you have any friends wanting clubs, point them to this. Stop right there. I just double advertised. By giving a discounted price for commenting here, I advertised this blog and the clubs. Referred friends might like this blog, and I just sold my golf clubs then. Use these tactics, and as always, HAPPY MARKETING!!!  <---- golf club listing on craigslist

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Monday, October 29, 2012


supply/demand is how much people are buying something compared to how much people are selling. If people buy more than is being sold, the price goes up, and vice versa. This applies to stocks too, and is why volume is one of the most important graphs to look at before buying or selling.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is good for the economy?

The United States dollar has seen extreme deflation for the past 4 weeks. Bank interest rates are low. Which one is good and which one is bad? The answer is the opposite of what most people would think.

Let's start off with the deflation- If people are gaining value in their money, they will put off making large purchases. This lowers the real estate market as well as the vehicle industry. Since cashflow might be lower in the economy, the unemployment rates are going to stay where they are because of manufacturing not hiring from the deflation. On the flipside the bank rates are low, which means more small businesses are growing faster from paying off their small debt. This creates more jobs and cashflow. Hopefully this keeps up until the unemployment gets to around the previous average of 5-7%. 

Please post a question for another post below.

Starting off

Hello, my name is Grant, I'm 10 years old, and for the past 4 years, I've learned the ins and outs of of moneymaking. I am willing to answer questions that some of you may have, and am still (and always will be) learning myself. We can all be rich, and before this blog makes itself popular, it will be good to have you tell others with a dream of being financially free.

This is a post, and there's no point in wasting space, so here's a story-----
One day I was sitting in the car, zooming by the lowe's and a lot of people were buying plants. I thought of the profits I could make from selling plants, so I bought some seeds, and grew the plants. After some clever marketing and word traveling through facebook, I had just built a business. The next year I did the same thing, but I didn't spend a second on marketing, and I make just as much money! This shows that if it's a good product, you don't have to market for long. I did old-school methods of marketing like door to door and fliers, and to the date of posting- I have made $450 off of grant's plants. People wanted it, people got it, I got money :).

Reply to this post with any questions you may have.