Monday, November 12, 2012

Anyone Can!

Some people are discouraged, or uneasy when it comes to money. May I assure you it isn't that hard. All that you really need to start a very small business (which may grow into a very large business) is to find a problem in your community, and fix it, but somewhere in the middle you may need to charge people which is why I put together a top ten list of easy, fast, earn-money-with-commitment ideas:
  1. Rake leaves
  2. Shovel Snow
  3. Bake Sale - Caution in cooking
  4. Beverage Stand
  5. Garage Sale
  6. Garden work
  7. Pet sitting - This one is better in a bigger neighborhood
  8. Recycling! - Scrap metal doesn't go for a lot, but if you have a stockpile of soda cans, it's worth a try
  9. Artwork
  10. Buy lots, sell little - For example, buy a bunch of candy and sell it in smaller amounts for a profit

Before you start it is important to notice the order that I put them in, that is for a reason so you try the best, first. Until next time, your peer's money is as good as yours.

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