Monday, November 26, 2012


Apple has a lot of money. They can make a lot more. They use publishers to make them money. The publishers make money. The users have "an app for that". All of these are related. Many app developers make a quick buck, but some of those who don't make a lot more. This is a LOT like investing. It is quite easy to make a quick buck, or lose a quick buck. Making it big takes long term investments. For these it is good to read and keep up with macroeconomic events. I will later post on research and money, but i believe I owe you a STORYTIME!!!

Recently I have been crunching the numbers and making an iPhone app. It is called pex. You play as a robot who got lost from his mini lair. He has to navigate through bright nature, scary castles, and finally (if you play well) get back to your home. It will sell for $0.99 and will hopefully be released on Christmas day. You can buy the app if you like that sort of game (2-d platformer) then it might be the app for you. Also about 60 of the cents will go towards me, so if you don't like the concept of donating, just know that 60 cents go to me (Darn you apple!). Thank You!

Happy Business!

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  1. I love your stories and the name of your game. Looking forward to it!