Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Snack That Cashes Back

We've all heard of goldfish, those little crunchy, cheesy, delicious crackers. They taste great, so their base company has to do very little advertising to make them good. Profits are low but buying is high, so everyone wins! This is the kind of company I think everyone should strive to create. The reason that they make so much money, is repeat customers.

School lunch, it's a great place to socialize with your friends, but to the parent, all it is is the consuming of packed food. If a snack like goldfish comes along, it will be popular with the parents, who buy the snacks.

Story time!!!

So, For the past week, I have been on a huge leaf raking job, and in reality, it being huge is a good thing. Since I get paid the same $/hour, it saves me time knocking on doors and putting up fliers. I offer low prices, and to the right customers. The people that I raked for at shelter alternatives have several properties, which I can hope to rake as well. Good customer service can lead to good word going about for your job, and you'll soon find your self with a business.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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    1. I'll check it out, good to see that I'm not the only one in this business!


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